Deck of the Month - Fairy Tarot Cards
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Deck of the Month - Fairy Tarot Cards

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Fairy Tarot Cards

By Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

Illustrations by Howard David Johnsonimages

I received a new deck of tarot cards in the mail a while back and I've finally found the time and energy to pick them up and give them a good looking over. My very first impression is that they are beautiful with the blues, greens and violets that I adore. The graphics are beautiful, the background is the village of Glastonbury from Somerset, England. I find the cards just a bit larger than my hands are used to being a whopping 3.5” by 5” in size. I love the silver edge gilt on each of the cards.

Shuffling the cards are a little difficult for my hands due to the larger size. They are stiff and a bit unwieldy. I would well imagine that they will soften and become much more flexible with time though so it would not be a permanent concern.

The deck set comes with a small book describing meaning to each card and there is a short sentence beneath each image on the card giving a brief meaning for the card. This could come in handy while one is learning the cards and yet it doesn't look as if it would detract from the deeper meaning of the book or of your own intuition.

The suits of the cards in this deck are colored and named differently with Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter replacing the more usual Cups, Swords, Wands and Pentacles. The Major Arcana has a deep purple background behind the images and the Minor Arcana has a dark blue for Summer, deep red for Spring, a rich green for Autumn and a different shade of blue for Winter.

As I work to shuffle the cards, I bring to mind the upcoming season of festivals and fairs that I hope to attend with my friends and family. This will be our first year of vending together and it is my wish that we find it profitable and fun for all. Let us see what the cards has to say. I am going to do a simple three card lay-out for past, present, and future. My thoughts are firmly on our new business venture.

Past: Two of Autumn

The words on the card suggest two things; a bringing of fun in all that I do and the talent for juggling many priorities or jobs at the same time. Both of which I will bring to our business venture. The booklet adds to this thought with the ability to accomplish more than you dreamed possible. As this is nestled in the past I read the card as having brought this ability of fun and multitasking with me into our present endeavors. The card itself shows a fairy who is concentrating to juggle many bubbles in the air at the same time. However, she doesn't look as if she is having fun doing it. Perhaps she needs to take her own advice and make it more fun than work.

Present: Four of Summer

The words on this card shows a discontentment with life as it stands now. A failing to see a golden opportunity that is staring me right in the face, being distracted. It says taking someone for granted, but I am feeling that it is more meaning in this case as a feeling of being taken for granted. The booklet again brings in missing the forest for the trees. Daily life is being so hectic that it is very possible to be missing the opportunities right in front of me while worrying about that which is past and gone. It is important for me to take time to quiet my mind and heart. To regroup as were. Interesting since I have been wanting to go camping, perhaps it is time to listen to myself. The image on the card is of a lovely fairy staring off into the distance being distracted by what she has lost and not seeing all of the opportunities that are clamoring for her attention near her.

Future: Three of Autumn

The words on the card flat out tell me to follow my passion when it comes to my career. Be the best at what I do. A good return on investment so to speak. The booklet is even better for this reading and location. It speaks of untapped talent, soaring to new heights with my creative endeavors, earning a living through creativity. I feel this is the best card I could have received for the question. A solid rewarding adventure. A team effort that ends well. The image portrays a master craftsman carefully performing his creative trade with utmost concentration and the guarantee of reward.

Overall I believe that cards were an easy read. Especially as they answered very positively for the question asked. The graphics are lovely and whimsical. I am going to enjoy learning this deck.

Be well,


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