The Five of Cups - Card of the Week
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The Five of Cups - Card of the Week

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The Five of Cups


   LS Five of Cups   Waite Five of Cups   Steampunk Five of Cups

There are a few cards in the deck that just seem so completely depressing. And rarely is that their complete message. The Five of Cups is no exception. A bent, sorrowful figure sits slumped over three spilled cups, oblivious to the two full ones remaining behind him.

Cups is the suit of emotions and how we feel or experience them. This particular card is about loss and mourning. Usually when it comes up in one of my readings, it represents the loss of something rather than someone. The fun part is figuring out what the something is, which can often be inferred from other parts of the reading.

So for me, this card usually represents the loss of perhaps a job, a grade, or even something in your personal life. And it sucks and hurts, and you need go ahead and mourn that loss, but always remember, there is some positive in every negative.

And sometimes that negative clears out something that we needed to let go of in order to move on. It is in those full cups that we find the hope of this card. Once we have done our mourning and are ready to move on, they remain for us to find. A means for us to pick ourselves up and move on.

Note: For this first post on card meanings, I thought share I’d pics from my three working decks, just so you can see how they differ. From left to right, we have Los Scarabo, Waite-Smith, and Steampunk.

Tell me your interpretations of the Five of Cups in the comments. And please, do check back next week for the Ace of Cups.

Till then, may you walk in Light!


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