The Inaugural Tarot Talk post
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The Inaugural Tarot Talk post

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twocupsWelcome to the inaugural Tarot Talk post from the ladies of Intentional Tarot. Here’s where we’ll spend some time talking about all things Tarot and divinatory, as well as a variety of topics dealing with self-discovery and self-growth, which is a fancy, verbose way of telling you that we’ll be talking about anything and everything even remotely connected with Tarot that catches our attention. And trust me when I tell you that, while I can’t speak for Vesta, my brain can take some interesting twists and turns when it comes to what I find interesting.

Right now, we’re going to be aiming to post a couple of times a month, taking turns writing for it. Now that schedule might change if or when we add more readers to our site, but for now it’s a pace that we know we can maintain. The beauty of everyone taking turns it that we all get to share our own points of view and opinions on things. And all of our lovely readers will get to know us a little better thanks to our writing.

We really hope you enjoy the things we share on here as we embark on this little endeavor of ours. (Oh, heck, that’s not true. For us, this is a HUGE endeavor!) Come along on the journey and we’ll grow together. Seriously, we are so excited to not only be doing this but we’re also really looking forward to getting to know some of you better. Thank you all so much.



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