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Good question. No. Make that a great question. And we used to feel exactly that way ourselves. And then we read for psychic call lines. You know what? It totally worked. We were both able to connect with our callers and give them useful, informative readings that were helpful more often than not. You’ll notice that we ask you to upload an image of yourself. Trust us, this isn’t for the sake of our amusement, but instead serves as a way to connect with you. It helps us to give you the best reading possible.
Although, truth be told, we do prefer in-person readings. It makes for a better immediate give-and-take in a reading that you just can’t get as easily any other way. However, that’s just not possible for some of our clients. By doing email readings, we can reach out to far more people and more easily work around our demanding modern lives.

You would think that the Tarot could be asked just about anything, and it can. But if you want you’re reading to actually be useful, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. General readings can be VERY difficult to interpret in a standard reading. Usually the more narrowly you define your focus area, the better. “How does my money situation over the new few months look?” isn’t a bad question, for example. “Is my money situation going to get any better?” is an even better question.
    A general “what’s going to happen in my life?” or “How do things look?” question can be queried, but it requires far more time than a standard reading. If you really want a general tarot reading, ask one of us about it.
  2. Do not ask us about games of chance – gambling, the lottery, next week’s poker game. The very fact that they are chance makes them impossible for us to really answer.
  3. Do not ask us when you will die. Or, for that matter, when anyone else will die. As stated in our code of ethics, neither of us will give any suggestions or predictions dealing with someone’s death.
    For the most part, health related questions are not a good idea either. Do not ask if anyone has cancer, if you’re pregnant, or if so-and-so will make it through their surgery. Instead of asking the tarot, ask the people who can give you concrete answers, like doctors. (Or a pregnancy test.)
    Give the tarot a good, open-ended tarot question and you’ll get some great direction and advice. And if you can ask that question in relation to yourself, it will be even better. Not “Will I get this job?” or even if “Should I take this job?”, but rather “Is this job a good fit for me?” Not “Does X love me?” or “Will we ever get together?” but “How does my love life look in the near future?” or “Would X be a good partner for me?”

Thus far the psychics that we've been around seem simply to be more in tune with a persons energy, body language, facial ticks and/or other clues we give off unknowingly.. Becomes very uncanny at times but it is just a tool to be used when connecting with someone else.

Although there were a couple of psychics that Laurel could worked with who could do some amazing things – like take you room by room through your house in search of a missing object. Honestly, we wouldn’t want to be able to read minds. Think about all of the thoughts that go through your head during any given moment. It’s an awful lot for you to keep up with, and it’s your head.  We aren’t saying that there aren’t folks out there who can read minds, but if they do exist, there aren’t many of them.

A Tarot deck is very similar to a deck of playing cards, with a few exceptions. The deck is composed of four suits, which easily correspond to those in a regular card deck: cups = hearts, wands = clubs, coins (or pentacles) = spades, and swords = diamonds. You also have the standard court cards, plus four extra court cards known as pages (or princesses, depending on the deck). These 56 cards comprise the Lower, or Minor, Arcana.

Where the Tarot deck great differs from a regular deck of cards is the addition of another 22 cards known as the Greater, or Major, Arcana. These cards, 0 – 21, represent different archetype influences and carry names such as “The Fool”, “Strength”, “Death”, and “The Universe”.

While fortunes can be told with a regular deck of playing cards, it is the inclusion of the Greater Arcana that really adds to the depth, mystery, and usefulness of a deck of Tarot cards. It’s also what really helps set them apart from all the other various metaphysical decks in use out there.

If you’d like to know more about the history of the Tarot, check out our very first blog post, ______________.

This answer really does depend on who you talk to, but since you’re asking a couple of Tarot readers, no. Seriously, Tarot cards are merely objects. And an object is neither good nor evil. They are merely tools that we use for completing or accomplishing things.

Goodness no! The Death card in the Greater Arcana merely indicates change or transformation. Sometime it might indicate a more abrupt change than you may have been expecting but often it can be a really amazing card to have pop up in your reading

Well, for starters, we charge you a fair rate for our time, experience, and talents. However, we won’t lead you on with predictions of more to come if you’ll only give us more money. We won’t “find” curses on you that can be taken care of for a small fee, nor will we offer to do any spell work for you, for a small fee of course.
We care about the people that are our clients. We want to help you find your way through the trials and tribulations of life, and to help you find your way to the good things. Both of us are very giving people. Reading tarot for you helps us not only help others out there, but it also helps us pay the bills. And let’s face it, we all have bills to pay.
Read our Code of Ethics to find out more about what sorts of readings we will and will not do.

One of the benefits of being legal ministers is that we can more easily keep your secrets confidential. Now, if you start telling us about a major crime, or we’re seriously worried that you might hurt yourself or someone else near you, we are also humanly, ethically compelled to get the appropriate people involved. Remember, we care about those for whom we do readings and we don’t want to see you, or anyone else, seriously hurt.

Why yes we are. Both Vesta and Laurel are legally ordained ministers thanks to the Universal Life Monastery. Laurel received her ordination back in 1997 and Vesta in 1994, long before we knew each other. However, we both take those ordinations as very serious spiritual decisions that we felt called to do.

Oh, this is a really good one. We all have theories about where the insights that we gain come from, but there’s no way to really know. I (Laurel) never really thought about it until now. I just get these strong feelings or impressions that come to me. It is believed that a modern Tarot deck contains some powerful Jungian archetypes that can allow one to tap into the greater Universal Unconsciousness. Personally, I think it lets me tap into some sixth sense that we all possess. That sense, guided by a strong faith in my intuition, lets me better interpret the Tarot. And it’s something that I believe anyone can learn, if they learn to listen and trust their inner voice.

Well, we both began reading the Tarot at around the same time, which was over 30 years ago.

We spent a lot of time checking out rates on the internet before settling on ours and feel that they are comparable to what others have to offer for a similar price. Actually, compared to some, our rates are much less. And yes, we do think that we are worth the money. Given our expertise and experience, we’re a pretty good deal for your time and money.
If you really want, you can get Tarot information online and you can find plenty of offers for free readings. You might even have some experience in doing readings. If so, great! The Tarot is a great tool that helps us understand ourselves, as well as the world around us. What we can provide is both experience and objectivity.
Some people have a very difficult time reading for themselves, and sometimes, they just want an extra set of eyes doing the reading. As for the free readings, there are some people out there who do an excellent job and who don’t feel comfortable asking for money. Heck Laurel used to be that way. However, as with everything else, you often get what you pay for.

From the feedback that we’ve gotten over the years, we both must be fairly good at this. Laurel’s mother was always happy with the readings that she asked for. The most recent evidence Laurel has for her accuracy lies in her prediction that her daughter and her boyfriend would break up. (Which, by the way, Laurel didn’t believe would happen. And yet, within the month, it did.) While nothing in particular sticks out in Vesta’s mind, she’s also always had good feedback for her readings.

Because the Tarot is what speaks most to us. Vesta may experiment with her ability to see the aura that surrounds a person, as soon as she can figure out how and if she can learn to view it through this *modern* medium.

I have tried to only use open source images that I have found either online, or had the pleasure of taking/creating myself. However, in the event that you see a picture that belongs to you, just let me know and I will either give you the credit that you deserve or look for a photo to replace it. Thanks for your understanding!

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