Code of Ethics
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Welcome to Intentional Tarot


Everyone has methods they use for making decisions and settling on future plans – a toolbox if you will, packed full of techniques that we trust when decision making. 


Laurel and Vesta, the readers at Intentional Tarot, believe that the cards have a useful place in that toolbox. Something about the Tarot and its symbolism helps us tap into our subconscious, giving us yet another means for gaining insight into our lives and our interaction with the world around us. 


Together, we have over half a century of experience reading these cards. Why not let us help you figure out the directions that your life is taking. As trained and talented metaphysical consultants, we know that not only are no two people alike, neither are any two readings. Each reading we perform is done with the full intention of giving you greater insight into where you are right now on your life’s path. 


Our Code of Ethics


The readers at Intentional Tarot abide by the following code of ethics. If you have any questions about our code, please, feel free to ask!

1.      We reserve the right to refuse a reading, at any time, for anyone and for any reason.

2.      We are not doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists, or licensed therapists. Therefore, we really don’t have the necessary backgrounds for doing legal, medical, or mental health oriented readings. Please don’t put us on the spot by asking.

3.      We will be honest in what we read in the cards, however, we will also try not to be unnecessarily harsh in delivering any less-than-welcome news.

4.      We will not foretell death. What if we have it wrong? Or even worse, what if we have it right? (This is pretty much the only exception to point number 3 above.)

5.      Please do not ask us to perform any sort of spell work for you. We won’t, regardless of what you might offer.


We do our best to give you the most accurate reading that we can, but please remember, we are only human, and as such are not infallible. All readings are done in good faith and to the best of our abilities.

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