Readings with Laurel
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Readings with Laurel

When I read the cards for someone – anyone – I lay them out one at a time, taking a moment to look at the card and offer up possible interpretations. After they are all on the table, I go back through them, looking for narrativ12036781_10207937225211619_2389720934135698632_n.jpge of the story they are trying to tell me. It’s a very intuitive method, which means that while I have some beautiful decks in my collection, I can’t necessarily read them all because I need more concrete images to focus on. Actually, my preferred reading deck is that original one from 30-odd years ago! Also, at least for the moment, I prefer to use a variation on the traditional Celtic Cross layout that I’ve used for years – decades.

When I get your reading request, I’ll look over your question to make sure it can be answered within the parameters of that particular reading. And I’ll let you know if I need more clarification on anything. I will then shuffle the cards while focusing on both the photo that you’ve supplied as well as your question. Only when I feel centered and focused, and the cards tell me they are ready, will I being to lay them out. There is actually an entire short ritual that I use for reading the cards in this manner.


At all times, I will give you the best suggested guidance and advice that I possibly can. All I ask is that you are honest with me and request that you remember that I am human and therefore not perfect. I can only do my best.

Many online readers offer readings primarily by email, but I don't. I've found that any readings I give are much better of the client is right there in the moment with me. Therefore, my readings are only via Skype or in person. And I'm willing to drive within a certain radius without any extra compensation. Now, if you want me to to trave 2 hours for a reading, I'm more than willing, but there will at least need to be some gas/mileage covered. I think that's only reasonable. 

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