About Vesta
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About Vesta

Vesta MoonVesta began reading the cards back in the early 80s, after joining a small pagan group in North Carolina during in her Marine Corps days. Another woman in the group had read the cards for her, impressing Vesta with how they worked and what they had to say. This prompted her to go buy her own deck and she’s been gathering them up ever since.
The psychic fair circuit was probably one of Vesta’s favorite things as a reader. If a potential client had a question that she wasn’t comfortable trying to read for, she could always refer them to one of the other readers who had more aptitude in that area. One of her favorite fair offerings involved aura readings. For these, she had pre-printed outlines of a human form and as part of the reading would actually use colored pencils to color around the form with the colors currently in your aura. It was something unique that no one else was doing. 

She was also a reader for the Psychic Friends Network back in the day. One of the more fulfilling parts of working as a Psychic Friend was the people who called from all over the country, including many who just wanted to talk after their readings were completed. However, there were aspects of the business that she found unappealing, especially the pressure to keep people on the phone as long as possible.
When actually performing a reading, Vesta prefers to use the Celtic Cross, although she has no problems switching to other spreads if the reading requires it. Vesta reads intuitively, both listening to what the cards have to say to her and using her own interpretations for what individual cards mean.
She will start a reading by laying out the initial six cards in the cross and then looking them over to get a general feel for the direction that the reading is going to take. She then lays out the remaining four cards and begins to start the reading in earnest. If more clarity is needed, she’ll also lay out an extra card where necessary.
When Vesta was pregnant with her youngest son, she wound up having to take a break from the tarot, out of necessity. Apparently her unborn son didn’t like the energies generated by the cards, making her sick while pregnant. Even after he was born, it would be a couple of more years before she could pick them up without him fussing.
In her spare time, Vesta really enjoys spinning and loom knitting, or searching online for images of spinning and loom knitting projects. She also enjoys fondling random, fetchingly soft skeins of yarn.


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