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About Laurel

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Laurel Reufner has been reading tarot cards since 1983, when she first picked up a deck belonging to her mother. Thanks to her mother’s insistence on never revealing the focus of her question, let alone asking a regular question, Laurel has developed an intuitive, story-telling technique for her readings. She examines each card as it is revealed and then strings them together in order to paint the whole picture.

This technique served her well when she spent just over a year reading cards for a psychic call-center, giving readings and advice to callers from all over the U.S. And to be perfectly honest with all of you, while she really enjoyed the company of many of her co-workers, she also doesn’t talk a lot about working the phone lines. Just trust her when she says that all those companies most want is your money. Otherwise, they wouldn’t charge upwards of $4 a minute to find out your lucky numbers. The job may have put food on the table and paid the bills, but it really left a bad taste in her mouth.

Actually, the experience was enough that it would be over 20 years before she would be willing to read tarot professionally (i.e. for money) again, although she has still kept her hand in by doing free readings for friends, family, and even at some events.


Laurel has also been busy trying to build a writing career while raising two daughters. Her first article, a simple ritual, was published by Llewellyn in the 2002 Magical Almanac. She’s consistently had either an article or spells published by them since then.

And now, Laurel is ready to return to the world at large with her readings. When performing a reading for you, she lays out the cards focusing solely on give you the best possible reading that she can. A reading is about your story. And yours alone, and so it is her intent to only tell your story, keeping as much personal bias out of the way as possible. And sometimes, the cards can really surprise her.

And when she isn’t reading tarot cards, Laurel is busy trying to write, hauling her teenage daughters around, or maybe playing a session of D&D with her husband and some friends. She lives in SE Ohio, only a couple of hours drive from where she grew up.

So, for an intuitive, personal, down-to-earth reading, Laurel might just be the person for you.


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Member of the American Tarot Association


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