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Who Are We?

Intentional Tarot started as a glimmer of an idea one October, after I (Laurel) did some readings at a friend’s Halloween party. It went really well, although I hadn’t done a lot of readings for strangers in a while. It’s been a couple of decades since I’d read cards full time as a profession for a 1-800 call center and I think enough time has passed for me to recover from the whole experience. And to be honest, I’d have finished a book or two by now if it weren’t for so much stress over our finances.

I needed something to help take that stress off, freeing up my mind to focus on being creative, yet it also needed to be flexible enough that I could be there for our daughters when they needed me. The lightbulb was starting to go off before I ever left the party. Those readings had not only gone really well, and I’d had a lot of fun, but a few of the folks that I’d read for ended the reading by asking how much I wanted them to pay me! Sometimes life has a way of telling you what you need in surprising ways.

I needed to get through Christmas before I could return to the whole idea of a tarot reading business. A big drawback for me – I was still thinking of in-person readings, had to do with where to hold a reading. My home isn’t really set up for that kind of work. Poking around online I came across this marvelously helpful site out of Australia- Biddy Tarot – which left me convinced that doing online readings might be the way to go. I could arrange to do readings online for folks, but I could also arrange to meet them somewhere if they wished a reading in person, provided they were close enough to where I live.

And then that lightbulb went off again. See, my good friend, Vesta, also needed something to do. She’s a disabled former Marine who needed something that she could also do from home, on a flexible schedule. So I floated the idea for what would become Intentional Tarot past her, where we are partners of a sort, and yet financially we’re still individual readers. And boy did she go for it.

True, my original vision has grown a bit since that Halloween party, but it seems to be a good thing.


About Vesta

Vesta MoonVesta began reading the cards back in the early 80s, after joining a small pagan group in North Carolina during in her Marine Corps days. Another woman in the group had read the cards for her, impressing Vesta with how they worked and what they had to say. This prompted her to go buy her own deck and she’s been gathering them up ever since.
The psychic fair circuit was probably one of Vesta’s favorite things as a reader. If a potential client had a question that she wasn’t comfortable trying to read for, she could always refer them to one of the other readers who had more aptitude in that area. One of her favorite fair offerings involved aura readings. For these, she had pre-printed outlines of a human form and as part of the reading would actually use colored pencils to color around the form with the colors currently in your aura. It was something unique that no one else was doing. 

About Laurel

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Laurel Reufner has been reading tarot cards since 1983, when she first picked up a deck belonging to her mother. Thanks to her mother’s insistence on never revealing the focus of her question, let alone asking a regular question, Laurel has developed an intuitive, story-telling technique for her readings. She examines each card as it is revealed and then strings them together in order to paint the whole picture.

This technique served her well when she spent just over a year reading cards for a psychic call-center, giving readings and advice to callers from all over the U.S. And to be perfectly honest with all of you, while she really enjoyed the company of many of her co-workers, she also doesn’t talk a lot about working the phone lines. Just trust her when she says that all those companies most want is your money. Otherwise, they wouldn’t charge upwards of $4 a minute to find out your lucky numbers. The job may have put food on the table and paid the bills, but it really left a bad taste in her mouth.

Actually, the experience was enough that it would be over 20 years before she would be willing to read tarot professionally (i.e. for money) again, although she has still kept her hand in by doing free readings for friends, family, and even at some events.

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